Published in September 2015, Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography contains the first-hand testimonies, memories, and recollections from 200 prominent individuals from Bob Crane's life. Family, friends as far back as grade school, and coworkers in radio, television (including many from Hogan's Heroes), theatre, and film have helped tell his complete story. In addition, the hard cover edition contains more than 200 rare family and professional photographs, some never before published or seen by the public until now. Discover the truth! If you think you know Bob Crane before reading this book, you don't know him at all. Author profits will be donated to various charities in Bob's memory.
Official Statement about the Re-Investigation of Bob Crane's Murder (11/23/16)
"We—my coauthors and I, members of Bob Crane's family, his friends, and his colleagues—are always hopeful that one day, the true identity of Bob's murderer will be known and justice can be served. However, this recent investigation did not reveal any groundbreaking information or provide a resolution, and the subsequent media coverage did nothing more than bring unnecessary heartache to many who knew, loved, and cared about Bob. We do not discuss or endorse any speculative theories as to who may have committed the crime. We encourage those who want to know more about Bob Crane to discover his complete and true life story in Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography. All author profits are being donated to various charities in Bob's memory."
—Carol Ford, author, Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography

List of Official Supporters

We gratefully acknowledge those who have officially endorsed Bob Crane's nomination for induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame.
Corporate and Organization Endorsement

WICC 600 AM / Bridgeport, CT

WLEA 1480 AM / Hornell, NY

Preserving the History of Connecticut Radio and TV


Individual Endorsement

Curt Hansen
Prior WICC/WEBE Operations Manager

Danny Lyons
WICC/WEBE Operations Manager
WEBE Radio Personality

 Former WICC Traffic Reporter

Dee Young
WICC/WEBE Assistant Business Manager

Alissa Balouskus
WICC/WEBE Web Master

Frank Derak
Former WICC Radio Personality

Joe Cosgrove
Founder, KTHO, Lake Tahoe, CA
Radio Staff Announcer

Bill Dillane
Radio and Television Host, NHTV, New Haven, CT
Connecticut Radio Historian

Leo McElroy
Former KNX Booth Announcer
Journalist, News Reporter, Consultant (Los Angeles, CA)

John Ramsey
Owner, WAPJ, Torrington, CT

Jack D. Coombe
Staff Announcer, WNOC, Norwich, CT; WRIB & WPTL, Providence, RI
Author; Veteran Stage, Theatre, & Film Performer; Civil War Historian

Michael Ambrosini
Award-Winning Journalist, News Reporter - CBS Radio
Detroit (3 Years), Los Angeles (KNX - 27 years)

Dean Mardon
The Dave Dee Drivetime Show, Radio Kidnappers, 1431 AM/104.7 FM
Napier, New Zealand

Ed Robertson
Host, TV Confidential
Award-Winning and Nationally Known Author, Journalist, and Media Analyst

This listing is limited to individuals who knew or worked with Bob Crane, or who have worked in broadcasting or the entertainment industry and appreciate his work.

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