Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Court of Public Opinion: The Mistrial of Bob Crane

Our newest podcast episode was not fun to produce, but it was necessary. In this episode, Eric Senich and I talk candidly about Bob Crane's sex addiction, debunking certain myths and accusations about Bob born from the many inaccuracies contained in Auto Focus, and putting the issue into proper perspective.

  Note: This episode contains some explicit content
and is intended for a mature audience. 
Bob's son Scott Crane denies having said the quotes attributed to him in this 2002 New York Times article. These quotes attributed to Scott about his father showing him pornography are false. His father never showed him any pornography.

Bob's daughter Karen Crane has also gone on record to state that her father never shared his pornography with her. She was completely unaware of his sex addiction until after his murder.