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Support and Endorsement, Resources and Official Contributors - 'Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography'

Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography, as well as all of our work on behalf of Bob Crane, is officially supported and endorsed by members of Bob Crane's family, including his son Robert Scott Crane, his daughter Karen Crane, and several of his cousins, and they have also contributed to the book. Further, our book and all of our ongoing work are supported and endorsed by Bob Crane's close friends as far back as grade school; his coworkers in radio, television, theatre, and film; and the counselor who was helping Bob Crane understand and deal with his addiction shortly before his murder—an addiction Bob himself recognized and from which he wanted to heal. As you can see below, all of these individuals also contributed to our book. Thus, with such tremendous endorsement and support, as well as extensive research spanning decades, we can say, with support from Bob Crane's family and his estate, that we are Bob Crane's official biographers. We provide truth, clarity, and understanding about his life, from birth to death, without judgment or any profit-driven agenda. Author proceeds are regularly donated to charity or are used to offset costs of continuing our work on his behalf.


Original Research/Contributors (Research Phase: 2003-2015)
The following individuals have provided detailed recollections and information to the authors specifically for Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography. Some people wished to remain anonymous for various reasons, and therefore, they are not listed here. The authors are deeply indebted and profoundly grateful to all who contributed, not only for sharing their memories and thoughts about Bob Crane, but also for believing in the true purpose of this work.

Family and Close Friends
Karen Crane (daughter) – Ongoing conversations 2012-2015
Robert Scott Crane (son) – Recorded interview June 2010, ongoing conversations 2010-2015
Jim Senich (cousin) – Recorded interviews June 2007, ongoing conversations 2004-2015
Jane (Senich) Ryfun (cousin) – Ongoing conversations 2012-2015
Barbara Trembley (nee Senich) (cousin) – Ongoing conversations 2012-2015
Charles Zito (best school friend) – Recorded interview August 1, 2008, ongoing conversations 2008-2010 (d. February 5, 2010)
Donald Sappern (school friend) – Recorded interviews August 18, 2006 and June 4, 2007
Dr. Edwin Gordon (school friend) – Recorded interview March 2, 2007
Neil McGuinness (school friend) – Via letter Summer 2008
Dr. David Dugan (school friend) – Via letter Summer 2008
Jane Golden (nee Lippoth) (school friend) – Recorded interview September 20, 2008, ongoing conversations 2008-2015
Harvey Geller (friend and neighbor) – Recorded interview August 24, 2007, ongoing email correspondence 2007-2009 (d. March 12, 2009)
Salvatore (“Tootie”) De Benedetto (friend and jazz band member) – Recorded interview November 30, 2007
Eliot Dober (friend, WICC, Exec. Dir. Cerebral Palsy Foundation – Connecticut) – Recorded interview June 20, 2009, ongoing conversations 2009-2010 (d. July 30, 2010)
Julius Bogdan (neighbor) – Conversation/statements only August 2009
John and Pamela (Hayes) Thompson (friends, theatre actors) – Recorded interviews August 23 and August 30, 2009, ongoing conversations 2009-2015

Friends and Classmates from Stamford High School, Stamford, CT
Edward Finney – Via letter Summer 2008
Raymond Gagliardi – Via letter Summer 2008
Louis Esposito – Via phone conversation Summer 2008
Aniello Casillo – Via phone conversation Summer 2008
Joe Delfino – Via phone conversation Summer 2008
Gloria Rosa (nee Di Sette) (also co-worker Finlay Straus Jewelers) – Recorded interview Summer 2008
Mary Anderson (nee Daly) – Via phone conversation Summer 2008
Patricia Mucci (nee De Angelis) Via phone conversation July 10, 2008
John Bell – Via phone conversation Summer 2008
Angelina Barcello (nee Moccia) – Via letter Summer 2008
Estelle Alterwitz (nee Silberman) – Via letter July 12, 2008
Nathan Gottfried – Via letter Summer 2008
Beatrice Wexler (nee Levinson) – Via phone conversation Summer 2008
Annalise Barrett (nee Biegler) – Via phone conversation Summer 2008
Ruth Lanyon (wife of Rodney Lanyon) – Via letter Summer 2008
Eric Ericson – Via letter Summer 2008
Catherine Dial (nee Kohores) – Via letter and phone conversation Summer 2008
Ed Caraszi – Via letter August 7, 2008
Jean Sempey (nee Packman) – Via phone conversation Summer 2008
John Mercede – Via phone conversation Summer 2008
Virginia Kristoff (nee Pendleton) – Via phone conversation Summer 2008
Martin Rosenblum – Via letter Summer 2008
Edward R. Martin – Via letter Summer 2008
Alice Jarrell (nee Peterson) – Via letter August 9, 2008
Cleante Pimpinella – Via letter Summer 2008
Frances C. Cassity (nee Maziuk) – Via letter Summer 2008
Anne Sessa (nee Lopiano) – Via conversation October 2011
Jackson A. Ransohoff (also brother of television producer Martin Ransohoff) – Via phone conversation Summer 2008
Doris Leidecker (nee Sidney) – Via letter Summer 2008
Phyllis Gallucci (nee Telesco) – Via letter Summer 2008
Audrey Ivanko (nee Swan) – Via letter Summer 2008
Additional members from the Stamford High School Class of 1946 who wished to remain anonymous but whose testimonies are on file with the authors.

Hornell, New York
Kevin P. Doran (WLEA, owner and on-air host) – Via phone conversation Spring 2014
John Sloggs (WLEA listener – 1950) – Via email correspondence 2014

Connecticut Radio
Frank Derak (WICC) – Ongoing conversations 2005-2015
Morgan Kaolian (WICC, Channel 43) – Via email correspondence, ongoing onversations
Wes Hobby (WICC) – Via email correspondence July 24, 2005
Al Warren (WICC) – Ongoing conversations 2005-2015
Jack Coombe (WNOC) – Via letter and ongoing conversations 2007-2015
Harry Luke (WICC, WNAB) – Via conversation August 2008
Bill Dillane (WADS, WICC) – Ongoing conversations 2007-2015
Gene Valentino (WATR) – Via email correspondence December 29, 2008
Martha Gross (WICC) – Via conversations 2007-2008
Rev. Tom Carten (WICC) – Via phone conversation May 18, 2009
Michael Collins (WICC, Connecticut Broadcasters Association Historian)
Bob Slugoski (WATR) – Via email correspondence
William Secor (participant, WICC Junior Achievement) – Via email correspondence
February 3, 2013
John Ramsey (Connecticut Broadcasting History) – Ongoing conversations 2007-
Mark Ammann (nephew of Wayne Mitchell, WICC, Channel 43) – Phone conversation/email, February 26, 2015

California Radio
George Nicholaw (KNX) – Via letter and phone conversation June 13, 2007 (d. August 9, 2014)
Tom Bernstein (KNX) – Via email correspondence June 2007
Tom and Diane Thornton (KNX) – Recorded interviews July 13 and 14, 2007
Leo McElroy (KNX) – Recorded interview July 7, 2007
Gordon Mason (KNX) – Recorded interview August 16, 2007 (d. December 10, 2007)
Tom Kelly (KNX) (statement only) – Via phone conversation Summer 2007
John Hokom (KNX program director) – Via email correspondence
John Sutton (son of Robert P. Sutton, former KNX general manager) – Via phone conversation February 20, 2015
Geoff Edwards (KMPC) – Recorded interview June 28, 2007 (d. March 5, 2014)
Roger Carroll (KMPC) – Via email correspondence Summer 2007
Bob Maryon (KMPC) – Recorded interview August 11, 2007
Joe Cosgrove (KPOL-Los Angeles/KTHO-Lake Tahoe) – Recorded interview August 18, 2007
Gary Owens (KFNB/KMPC) – Recorded interview July 14, 2008 (d. February 12, 2015)
Bill Wolff (KNX) – Via phone conversation August 9, 2007 (d. December 2012)
Arlen Peters (KNX) – Via email correspondence August 2007
Alan Hall (KNX) – via phone and email correspondence (August 2012)
Tom Hatten (KNX) (statement only) – Via letter
Additional former KNX colleagues and Columbia Square alumni who wished to remain anonymous but whose testimonies are on file with the authors.

The Donna Reed Show
Eddie Foy, III (casting director) – Recorded interview March 30, 2008
Paul Petersen (actor) – Recorded interview April 15, 2008

Hogan’s Heroes
Albert S. Ruddy (co-creator and producer) – Recorded interview April 15, 2008
Jerry London (associate producer, director) – Recorded interview August 17, 2007
Bruce Bilson (director) – Recorded interview February 6, 2008
Robert Butler (director) – Recorded interview April 13, 2009
Robert Clary (actor) – Via handwritten correspondence October 14, 2008
Cynthia Lynn (actress) – Recorded interview April 24, 2007 (d. March 11, 2014)
Arlene Martel (actress) – Recorded interview September 8, 2006 (d. August 12, 2014)
Victoria Carroll (actress, also The Love Boat) – Recorded interview June 20, 2009
Robert Hogan (actor) – Recorded interview October 28, 2008
Jon Cedar (actor) – Via email correspondence August 8, 2007 (d. April 14, 2011)
Inge Wegge (actress) – Via email correspondence March 31, 2005
Monte Markham (actor) – Recorded interview July 26, 2015
Ruta Lee (actress) – Via email correspondence October 14, 2014
Bernard Fox (actor; statement only) – Via email correspondence July 24, 2007
Alan Oppenheimer (actor; statement only) – Via email correspondence June 18, 2006
Stewart Moss (actor; statement only) – Via email correspondence September 9, 2006
Frank Marth (actor; statement only) – Via email correspondence September 2006

Bob Crane, His Drums and Orchestra Play the Funny Side of TV
Stu Phillips (music producer) – Recorded interview June 8, 2007

Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz
Larry D. Mann (actor; statement only) – Via handwritten correspondence July 17, 2009
Maureen Arthur (actress) – Recorded interview August 1, 2009

Arsenic and Old Lace
Robert Scheerer (director; statement only) – Via handwritten correspondence September 2008

The Bob Crane Show
Norman S. Powell (creator/producer/director) – Recorded interview February 26, 2008
James Sutorius (actor) – Via email correspondence February 8, 2008
Bruce Kimmel (actor) – Via email correspondence July 27, 2006

Ellery Queen
Edward Abroms (director) – Via phone conversation September 2008

The Hawaii Experience
John Orland (director) – Recorded interview July 6, 2009

The Love Boat
Ted Lange (actor) – Via email correspondence August 18, 2009
Victoria Carroll (actress, also Hogan’s Heroes) – Recorded interview June 20, 2009

Celebrity Cooks
Derek Smith (owner and producer) – Recorded interview June 19, 2009
Anne Kear (associate producer/talent agent) – Recorded interview June 27, 2009
Roger Packer (studio director) – Recorded interview June 19, 2009

The Flaw
Jim French (radio scriptwriter) – Via email correspondence June 20, 2006

Send Me No Flowers (1969)
Rick Plastina (actor) – Recorded interview June 3, 2009

Tunnel of Love (1959)
Who Was That Lady (1960)
Donald Freed (Director) – Recorded interview July 27, 2014

Beginner’s Luck
Victoria Berry Wells (actress) – Recorded interview February 27, 2007
Donna (Siegfried) Goobic (lighting designer/stage manager, Beverly Dinner Playhouse, New Orleans [1972-76]) – Recorded interview August 16, 2009
Michael Cahill (The Cahill Archives, Beverly Dinner Playhouse, New Orleans) – Via email correspondence Summer 2009

Other Contributors
Dick Van Patten (actor) – Via email correspondence July 18, 2006
Monty Hall (television host) – Via email correspondence February 17, 2008
Tom Davis (brother of Larry Hovis, actor) – Recorded interview July 27, 2008
Richard Addrisi (musician, The Addrisi Brothers) – Via email correspondence July 25,
Colonel Jerry Chipman, USAF (Retired) – Via email correspondence June 10, 2006
Pat Boone (musician) – Via email correspondence
Martin Ransohoff (television producer) – Via phone conversation October 2008
Marie Blesk (Stratford, CT, PAL Talent Unit) – Via letter August 2008
Ed Begley, Jr. (actor; statement only) – Via email correspondence July 21, 2008
Francine York (actress, The Red Skelton Hour) — via written correspondence May 8, 2015
Dr. Leo Finkelstein, Jr. (USAF film writer/pro ducer/director) – Via email correspondence February 1, 2009
Frank and Marion Karas, owners, The Floor Covering Shop, Stamford, CT – June 2007
Ron Marcus (historian, Stamford Historical Society) – Ongoing correspondence 2004-2012

Therapy and Clinical Psychology Regarding Sex Addiction
Reverend Edward Beck (retired; vice president, Windmill Dinner Theatre, Scottsdale, Arizona; addiction counselor) – Via email correspondence and audio letters May 15, 2006, July 27, 2006, October 12, 2006, and July 7, 2009
Veronica Monet, ACS (sex addiction/human sexuality expert) – Recorded interview January 2009
Alexandra Katehakis, MFT, CSAT, CST (sex addiction expert) – Recorded interview January 2009
Nancy Irwin, PsyD, C.Ht. (sex addiction expert) – Recorded interview January 2009
David Bissette, PsyD (sex addiction expert) – Recorded interview January 2009

Print Resources

Many print resources included here were clippings Bob Crane saved in his scrapbooks. While he had written the date and publication on most of them, on some, he had not. Although every effort was made to locate the missing information, in some instances, we were unsuccessful. Digital versions of all articles and/or clippings are on file with the authors.

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__. (1957, April 7). Former WICC disc jockey Bob Crane… The Sunday Herald (Bridgeport, CT), p. 80.
__. (1958, April 13). Rotary to hear Bob Crane, star of radio show. Valley News (Van Nuys, CA).
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__. (1960, October 6). Soroptimists set theater party Sunday. Van Nuys News (Van Nuys, CA), p. 28-C.
__. (1961, January 22). Disc jockey Crane guest of Valleyrama. Valley News (Van Nuys, CA).
__. (1961, April 27). Luncheon kicks off Realtor Week. Valley News (Van Nuys, CA).
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__. (1962, July 29). Candid TV week. TV Sunday News, p. 2.
__. (1962, August 7). “KNX’s Bob Crane…” Radio-Television Daily, p. 8.
__. (1962, August 23). Bob Crane stars in comedy. Pasadena Independent (Pasadena, CA), p. 21.
__. (1962, August 27). Bob Crane to act in summer theatre. Independent (Long Beach, CA), p. 21.
__. (1962, December 27). It’s slapstick to suspense for quick-change comic. Radio-Television Daily, p. 8.
__. (1963). It’s the story of Bob Crane. TV Radio Mirror, 61(1), 64-65.
__. (1963, January 20). Being parent rough. The Bridgeport Post (Bridgeport, CT), p. 54.
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__. (1963, September 8). “It is interesting to note...” The Bridgeport Post (Bridgeport, CT), p. 93.
__. (1964, January 9). Tarzana Chamber. Van Nuys News (Van Nuys, CA).
__. (1964, February 18). Give $92,910 to aid fight on arthritis. Van Nuys News (Van Nuys, CA), p. 4B.
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__. (1965). Nielsen’s new show numerology.
__. (1965, January 5). Crane on of Bing’s TV pilot Heroes.’
__. (1965, January 5). ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ rolling at Desilu this week.
__. (1965, January 9). Tarzan Chamber. Van Nuys News (Van Nuys, CA).
__. (1965, March 1). Award-winning commercials. Broadcasting-Telecasting, p. 36.
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__. (1966, June 25). Stars of ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ to guest on John Gary Show. Weekend Daily Reporter (Dover, OH), p. 8.
__. (1966, June 26). Bob Crane and the dead fly caper. Citizen News TV Week.
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