Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Recap of the 2019 MidAtlantic Nostalgia Convention

On September 12-14, 2019, I once again participated at the annual MidAtlantic Nostalgia Convention in Hunt Valley, Maryland. This was my fifth year going to the convention, and as is always the case, I had a fantastic time! Meeting new people and reconnecting with familiar attendees and vendors, and of course, meeting and seeing celebrities from classic television, keep me coming back year after year. I've had the pleasure of meeting Dawn Wells, Howard Hesseman, Jan Smithers, Ed Begley, Jr., Paul Petersen, Loni Anderson, Loretta Swit, and Aileen Quinn, to name just a few. This is definitely a show not to miss if you love classic television and the Golden Age of Radio!

This year, in addition to selling and signing copies of Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography, I recorded a few attendees talking about Hogan's Heroes, Bob Crane, the book, and something they had learned about Bob Crane from reading the book. You can listen to these testimonials in an episode of our new podcast, Flipside: The True Story of Bob Crane. You can also hear a clip of Bob Crane's "Man on the Street" interview segment, which originally broadcast over KNX-CBS Radio around 1957 and was rebroadcast over KNX in 1962.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in this episode! I know how intimidating it can be to record something and hear your voice. It took me years to be able to record my voice and then listen to myself. You all did great!

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I'm also thrilled to have been interviewed twice during this year's convention: once for a podcast and again for television. My coauthors and I love being interviewed! So if you're looking to chat about Bob Crane, our work on his biography, Hogan's Heroes (including the recently announced Hogan's Heroes reboot by co-creator Albert S. Ruddy)—give us a yell. We'd love to talk with you!

I'm looking forward to returning to the 2020 MidAtlantic Nostalgia Convention, and perhaps I'll have a few new surprises. You never know what my crew and I will come up with next!