Saturday, September 10, 2022

Hanging Around Rod Serling's 'Night Gallery'

Ever since I was a little kid, I have always loved Halloween. Anything spooky, or mysterious, or a little bit scary—count me in. When the days grow shorter and there's a crisp chill in the night air, I get out the fall decorations and begin stocking up on pumpkin spice. I even go on those campy haunted tours!

And I love a good ghost story.

Spooky season is right around the corner, so what better time to talk about Rod Serling's Night Gallery? I am certainly not alone when I say I am a great fan of Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery. So just imagine my excitement when, earlier this year, I was invited to provide audio commentary for the episode "House, with Ghost" (starring Bob Crane, Jo Anne Worley, and Bernard Fox) in the bonus features section of the Night Gallery Season 2 DVD Blu-Ray release!


I was interviewed and recorded in the spring, and I am very happy with how the producers used my audio clips. In addition to my segments, the entire bonus commentary over the episode includes the narrator, who provides historical details of the episode (some based on my interview and our book Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography), as well as audio clips from notables affiliated with Night Gallery. Also featured in the bonus section is a segment of Bob's KNX radio interview with Rod Serling. 

Needless to say (but I'm gonna say it anyway), representing Bob in the audio commentary of his episode, as well as simply being a part of Rod Serling's Night Gallery, is such an honor, to say the least. Many thanks to Night Gallery DVD producer Jim Benson for this wonderful opportunity!

The 2022 re-release of Night Gallery Season 2 on HD/Blu-Ray was released in July 2022 and is available through Amazon and elsewhere.