Friday, September 2, 2011

Who's Who in Radio - WICC and Bob Crane, 1953, Bridgeport, CT

In March 1953, the annual publication Who's Who in TV & Radio ran a short biography about Bob Crane, announcing the young, local celebrity as a growing sensation on the East Coast. By this time, Crane, who was then just 24, had already established himself as a prominent radio personality at WICC in Bridgeport, CT, and was climbing the career ladder as quickly as he was climbing the audience share ratings. His brief biosketch reproduced from the magazine (shown here) offers an overview of Bob's successes in radio and music, both of which had been dreams of his since childhood. In 1953, after just two short years, Bob was already a radio star in his own backyard...and advancing rapidly.

From Who's Who in TV & Radio
"In Your Own Backyard"

"Here are America's home town favorites, 36 stars who shine on Main Street, USA. Disc jockeys, newsmen, musicians, and comics, their names are magic to a vast host of admirers."
Bob Crane, Who's Who in TV & Radio, 1953, p. 92.