Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bob Crane Introduces Dean Martin's 'On an Evening in Roma' - KNX / March 9, 1962

This one's for all our Dean Martin fans out there! One of our favorite recordings of Bob Crane's KNX radio show comes from the morning of March 9, 1962. Here, in this clip from that morning's show, Bob chats away after a Delta Airlines commercial; pokes some fun at his engineer, Jack Chapman; and then introduces Dean Martin's "On an Evening in Roma." Following the creative chaos, Bob plays the record, but not without adding a playful jab at the lyrics.

Take a listen - We bet you'll be humming this one for the rest of the day, not to mention wishing you were strolling down the avenues and streets of Rome!

'On an Evening in Roma' - Dean Martin
The Bob Crane Show / KNX-CBS Radio
March 9, 1962