Sunday, July 21, 2013

Laffter, Sweet and Profane - KNX-CBS Radio Promotional Album for 'The Bob Crane Show' (c. 1961)

To truly appreciate all that Bob Crane did in radio, one must listen to his KNX 5th Anniversary Show. KNX took portions of Bob's 5th anniversary program and included them on an album: Laffter, Sweet and Profane. This album promoted both Pat Buttram's and Bob Crane's programs and was distributed to potential advertisers.

Here is Bob Crane's side of the record presented in its entirety (listen for George Jessel, Pat Boone, The Great Coogamooga, and Jonathan Winters!). From the liner notes: "Crane approaches something close to genius in integrating his commercials with show-stuff. While he sometimes fractures a sponsor's message, he reassembles the pieces and augments and embellishes said message in such a manner as to increase the plug's effectiveness. This is a matter of record. Crane sells. Crane pitches hard. Add to this that he has the area's fastest-expanding morning audience, and you have a degree of value that should make time buyers drool."

So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

KNX-CBS Radio promotional album:
"Laffter, Sweet and Profane"
The Bob Crane Show / circa 1961