Sunday, September 27, 2015

Save Hogan's Jacket — Time Is Running Out

We're serious about winning back Colonel Hogan's bomber jacket (owned and worn by Bob Crane on Hogan's Heroes). And if we win, we're donating it to a museum. Further, Bob Crane's son, Scott Crane, will donate Hogan's "50 Mission Crush Cap," shirt, tie, and pants to complete the outfit, so that fans may see the entire uniform on display. Hogan's jacket, which was also worn by Frank Sinatra in Von Ryan's Express, is an iconic piece of Hollywood history, and it belongs in a museum.

Please help us out by sharing or donating. But time is running out. The auction goes up on Wednesday, September 30, 2015. If we can't raise enough funds, we can't bid on it, and it will go back into the hands of a private collector. Thanks to all who have already supported this cause!

The auction has ended, and the jacket was sold to a private collector for $22,500. We hope the person who won the jacket will take good care of it and know that if we had the money, we would have bought it and donated it to a museum.

On September 30, 2015, Colonel Hogan's U.S. Army Air Force bomber jacket that was owned and worn by Bob Crane in Hogan's Heroes (and by Frank Sinatra in Von Ryan's Express) was auctioned off for $22,500. We tried to raise money to win the jacket so we could donate it to a museum. However, we were unsuccessful.

However... On October 1, 2015, I received an email from Edward Patrick, the CEO of the Liberty Aviation Museum​ in Port Clinton, Ohio. He informed me that the museum had bid on and won Hogan's bomber jacket. Further, the museum had also bid on and won Colonel Klink's uniform (as worn by Werner Klemperer) and Sergeant Schultz's overcoat (as worn by John Banner), which were also up for auction in the same lot as Hogan's jacket. These three signature props have now been safely relocated to the museum, where they will soon be on display for the public to enjoy. Hogan, Klink, and Schultz are all back together again! And we are thrilled!

We are extremely grateful to the Liberty Aviation Museum and humbled by their amazing gesture to preserve these iconic items in television history, and we send them our deepest gratitude and thanks. Please consider donating to/volunteering at the museum, liking them on Facebook, and/or following them on Twitter to show your support.

More information on the official Hogan's Heroes uniform display as we receive it!

Update 11/14/15:Just a quick note: It will take the museum a little bit of time to set up the temporary display, and a little longer for the permanent display. They figure about a month for the temporary display to be ready. Before you plan a trip, please check with the museum first to be sure the items are being showcased yet. Thanks!