Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Thank You Once Again, Liberty Aviation Museum!

What a weekend! It was my third year in a row visiting the Liberty Aviation Museum as their invited guest, and as always, I had a blast during my author event and book signing for Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography. I gave a presentation each day—July 28 and 29, 2018, and while I try to keep my talks to about an hour, I typically go over by about fifteen to thirty minutes. It's tough, if not impossible, to cram all of Bob's life into one hour, especially because there is so much to tell. 

The Liberty Aviation Museum is the official home of the Hogan's Heroes display, which they add to regularly. In addition to Bob Crane's entire Hogan uniform (donated by Scott Crane, with the exception of Hogan's bomber jacket, which was won at auction) and other props and memorabilia from the series, they also own Klink's and Schultz's uniforms, one of Klink's robes, the iconic coffee pot/radio listening device, and a piece of Schultz's uniform, altered to adjust for the warmer temperatures in Southern California. This is a permanent display, and it will never be put into storage or sold off. They aim to collect as many authentic items from Hogan's Heroes to add to the display, so fans of the series can enjoy. And I couldn't be happier!

The museum is also in the process of building a M*A*S*H collection, and they currently own Hawkeye's robe (worn by Alan Alda), as well as Lt. Colonel Henry Blakc's robe (worn by McLean Stevenson). You can learn about the Liberty Aviation Museum and all they have to offer by visiting the museum's website

I'm honored to count the folks from the Liberty Aviation Museum as some of my dearest friends. They are genuine, humble, kind, generous, and hard-working, and their efforts at the museum and in the community are commendable and not to be over-looked. Please consider making a donation to the museum through buying items in their gift shop, becoming a member, or planning a trip to visit. (And a hearty meal at the Tin Goose Diner—attached to the museum—is a must when you visit!) You will help the museum achieve its mission, and you won't be disappointed!