Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Hogan's Heroes: 'Lie to the Kid!'

Thanks to COVID-19, like most people around the world, I'm hunkered down at home, practicing social distancing, sanitizing everything every chance I get, and staying isolated. I know I'm doing this to protect others as well as protect myself, but the thought that I'm sitting at home and not really helping out in the world goes against my nature. I feel stuck, and that makes me antsy.

Then I remembered this scene from Season 6 of Hogan's Heroes, in which LeBeau wants to leave Stalag 13 and return to France to fight with the French Underground. He believes he will be doing more good in France than making meals and baked goods at Stalag 13, which he believes is frivolous to the war effort. One by one, his fellow prisoners try to convince him to stay, culminating with the scene above. In what I think is one of Kenneth Washington's funniest lines in his short time on the series, when LeBeau states that he's worried about what he will tell his children what he did during the war, Baker responds, "Lie to the kid!"

Like LeBeau, you might think your role of staying home during this crisis is unimportant. But it is very important—just as important as LeBeau's Crêpe Suzettes! Staying home, self-isolating, social distancing, and sanitizing helps all of our first responders and health care providers treat the very sick, and it contains the spread of the coronavirus.

I also know some of you may be feeling really anxious and scared. I'll be honest, I'm pretty freaked out right now, too. I'm worried and scared, mostly because of my parents, especially my Dad, who is immunocompromised as a transplant recipient and a cancer survivor. My parents have been shut in their house for two weeks now, and they are doing really well, and I think that is largely because we isolated them early in this crisis. It's difficult to feel so disconnected from society and from friends and family. I'm also uneasy worrying about the unknown.

But as I tell myself, try not to panic. Take it all one day at a time, and stay grounded in the here and now. Take deep breaths. Stay in touch with your family and friends remotely, and use this down time not to worry, but to focus on positive things. Maybe do something creative, like write some Hogan's Heroes fan fiction. You can read lots of it on If things really start to get to you, watch Hogan's Heroes (my go-to anxiety reliever) or listen to one of Bob Crane's radio broadcasts. We'll be putting more of them up shortly for you to enjoy, and our podcast, Flipside: The True Story of Bob Crane, will resume production very soon, too.

Finally, to all of our doctors, nurses, scientists, researchers, and all those working tirelessly in the health care/medical field, as well as everyone working in banks, grocery stores, utilities, and all jobs that are keeping our infrastructure functioning worldwide, thank you! 

Stay calm and be safe everyone!