Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Happy Birthday Bob Crane!

Happy Heavenly Birthday Bob Crane! 

Today, July 13, 2021, Bob Crane would be 93 years old. 

Bob was not only the star of Hogan's Heroes, but he was an accomplished drummer and gifted musician, a broadcasting pioneer who was described as a radio genius by those who worked with him, a dear friend to many, a loving father, a humanitarian who genuinely cared about others, and a complete and complex human being, no different than the rest of us.

"Everybody has a history to his or her life. Let’s not paint Bob’s life by—what shall we say?—the moments in his life. I say these things that are the flaws are like specks on the Parthenon. Let’s look at the Parthenon and let’s not look at the specks. Let’s lift our eyes up to the man’s eyes and soul and life, and not look down on the gutter." —Joe Cosgrove, former staff announcer, KPOL, Los Angeles, and owner, KTHL, Lake Tahoe, CA; the first person to greet Bob when he arrived in Hollywood in August 1956. © Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography

And with that, we also say Happy Enarc-Drof Week! Don't know what that is? Listen to our birthday celebration podcast episode to find out! 

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