Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crane's Pick Hits of 1956-1964

Bob Crane had a collection of songs he liked to play regularly, and many of them he claimed as his "theme songs" throughout his tenure at KNX. One in particular was "I've Got a Rose Between My Toes" by the late Lou Carter (also known as "The Singing Cab Driver"). Other favorites of Crane's included "If I Had a Nose Full of Nickels" (also by Lou Carter), "Pacalafaca" (KMPC's Dick Whittinghill supposedly used this as his drive-time theme song as well), and "West of the Wall" (Bob's engineer Jack Chapman didn't seem to care too much for this one).

Here are "I've Got a Rose Between My Toes" and "Pacalafaca" as aired by Crane over KNX on New Year's Day, 1964. 

"I've Got a Rose Between My Toes" - Lou Carter
"Pacalafaca" - Irving Taylor's Orchestra
Bob Crane Show / KNX-CBS Radio
January 1, 1964