Saturday, July 16, 2011

Celebrate Enarc Week: The History of a Career as Told by Bob Crane

Today being the final day of Enarc Week, we present you with a recording of Bob Crane discussing in his own words how he started in radio; accepted job offers from WLEA, WBIS, WICC, and KNX; and then broke into acting and landed the role on Hogan's Heroes. This interview was recorded on August 4, 1972.

Uploaded to YouTube by WCFL 1000 on May 30, 2011.
Description of video by WCFL 1000:
On 8-4-72, Bob Crane walked into the radio station where I was working. He asked to use the bathroom & Coke machine. I told him to help himself. He returned to the studio with a Coke & asked if he could be on my radio program for an interview, promoting a play in which he was appearing. I said, OK, & I would be taping it for re-broadcast at a future date. He agreed to that, & these are his comments. RE: The last comment about "Whose dog is this?"...a small white dog had apparently come in the door with Mr. Crane. We simply set the dog back outside when he left. Mr. Crane was driving a sports car with the top down, & that is all I recall. He gave me back the empty Coke bottle & left.