Wednesday, July 6, 2011

'Mr. Crane, please listen to my record?'

Bob Crane at the KNX
offices, circa 1960.
Bob Crane was a very powerful man in radio, and as a result, in the record industry. In essence, if he liked your record, he would play it on his morning show, and in LA, that could make you the next big music star. Recording artists and/or their label representatives would meet with Bob on a daily basis to pitch their latest songs, hoping he liked them enough to give them air time. Crane would then listen to these new releases and consider whether or not they fit the format of his show (which did not include rock and roll). Some of what he heard he liked a lot; others...well...don't quit your day job, kid!

Bob Crane Meets with Recording Representative
Bob Crane Show / KMPC Los Angeles
April 13, 1973

Bob Crane and Record Rep / KMPC by vote4bobcrane