Friday, July 29, 2011

Fascinating Rhythm - Bob Crane Plays 'Get Smart'

Bob Crane Promotional 
Advertisement / Epic Records.
Billboard Magazine
, December 3, 1966.
Courtesy of Bill Dillane.
Bob Crane was mentioned regularly in Billboard Magazine, with an early notation on February 24, 1951, when the magazine announced he had recently moved from WLEA in Hornell, NY, to WBIS in Bristol, CT. From his promotions to program director to his migration to Hollywood to when another DJ filled in for him when he was on vacation or had a cold, Billboard Magazine covered the major (and minor) moves of Crane's radio career.

In December 1966, Epic Records purchased a 3/4-page ad in Billboard Magazine to promote the sale of Crane's new album, Bob Crane, His Drums, and Orchestra, Play the Funny Side of TV. It would be the only retail album Bob ever recorded, but sources say he had the time of his life making the album and working with professional musicians.

The theme from Get Smart, as performed by Bob Crane and included on this album, is presented here.

Theme from "Get Smart" / Bob Crane on Drums
"Bob Crane, His Drums, and Orchestra Play the Funny Side of TV"
Epic Records, 1966

Theme from Get Smart / Bob Crane on Drums by vote4bobcrane